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Inside The Outback
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With Warwick Moss

The Australian Outback has challenged and fascinated many people for many years.

Now there is a three part series that looks into the heart of the Outback like never before and travels to its most interesting and beautiful areas. It avoids the myriad of verbal and visual clichés that surround most television productions on the Outback and introduces the viewer to the real essence of the life and stories of the resilient people that live in and love this region.

Few have ever captured the eternal beauty, emptiness, and spirit the way Warwick Moss has managed in this series.

This poet, award-winning playwright and filmmaker uncovers the true outback.

Through the three episodes he journeys through both the best-known and least visited areas. This is a major feat considering the area of the Outback is the size of mainland USA. Along his journey, he discovers a fascinating history of exploration and heartbreak, a major spy installation sitting ominously in the dessert, extraordinary beauty and the wonderful characters that are the essence of the Outback.

The 12,000 kilometre adventure is not just a stranger travelling through and observing a different and vast land. Warwick understands and relates to the tough people that live in this harsh and beautiful country and his sympathy with them provides a unique and entertaining experience for all who view it.

Inside the Outback – like you have never seen it before!


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